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Tony Seale has been running Massage-Active since January 1998 after he qualified as a massage practitioner. He is fully qualified and insured and operates a mobile service to private clients living in the North West Surrey and South Middlesex area. He covers Addlestone, Byfleet, Chertsey, Egham, Esher, Hersham, Molesey, Ottershaw, Shepperton, Staines, Sunbury, Walton, Weybridge, Woking and most places within a 5 mile or 20 minute drive of Chertsey. He has seen over 2,000 clients evenly split between male and female. He has specialized in Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage since his early days as a therapist as he has the strength and stamina to get to the deeper and relavent muscles used in sport. He is also able to give a lighter touch for those needing a more relaxing therapy. He has successfully treated many sportsmen and women including sports professionals. Those treated include Runners, Triathletes, Cyclists, Pro Skiers, Pro Motorracers, Elite athletes including teenagers, Ex pro and semi pro Footballers, Rugby players, Pro Golfers, Ex Pro Weightlifters, Bodybuilders, Tennis players and coaches, Martial artists including Karate, Kung Fu, Judo etc, He has also treated the Police, Army, Ambulance service, Doctors, Nurses, Dancers, Hairdressers, Actors and Actresses as well as those in business. Those who regularly use laptops or PC's find that massage of the shoulder area can help greatly to release the tension caused by hours of work on these devices. This is a highly edited list and he will treat those who just need loosening up even if sport is not involved. Sports Massage can help keep you supple and avoid injury in the first place, so please try it for yourself!

Massage alongside other therapies

Massage can be used in conjuction with other musculoskeletal therapies i.e. Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Podiatry work etc. and can complement body conditioning and stregthening routines i.e. Pilates, Yoga, Circuits etc. Please ask your therapy provider if they would recommend sports massage / deep tissue massage to assist your treatment or recovery.

Click here for PILATES and PHYSIOTHERAPY with Jeremy Davis at The Pilates Works Studio in Weybridge

Massage during pregnancy

Tony has treated at least 22 ladies during pregnancy, 8 of these throughout their full term (1 through 3 births and 2 through 2) and 5 up to the last week of pregnancy. All had healthy babies and the vast majority having easy births. Massage is safe in the right hands but please inform Tony if you are pregnant so he can adjust the pressure and areas treated accordingly.

The 1st Session

Once you have arranged a suitable date and time using one of the contact methods below, Tony will ensure prompt arrival at your premises at the time agreed. He will arrive a few minutes before the booked time to set up the couch etc. On the first session he will take details from you to ensure there are no contraindications to massage and to find out where the main problem areas are. You will then remove clothing (in private) from the areas that require massage and those areas are covered in towels. Only the parts of the body being worked on at any one time will be uncovered - your modesty is always protected. Tony will then proceed to warm up the muscle tissue using various strokes and working on the problem areas where required. This is not a painful therapy and your comfort is assured.


You can contact Tony by the following methods:

Call or Text Tony directly on:

07730 087 506


Clink this link to email Tony at MassageActive@aol.com


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