Normal Hours

Please note these are the EARLIEST start times & LATEST finish times for LOCAL clients.

Mon-Thu - Start from 10am. Finish by 8pm.
Fri - Start from 10am. Finish by 4pm.
Sat & Sun - No availability

Please note: If you can't see a time to suit, please contact me anyway and I will do my best to fit you in.


Week commencing 14th December 2020

Mon 14th - 10am until 4pm
Tue 15th - 11:30am until 4pm
Wed 16th - 10am and 3pm
Thu 17th - 10am until 4pm
Fri 18th - 10am until 2pm
Sat 19th - If Runnymede/Surrey move into
Sun 20th - Tier 3, I will be closed until next year. Otherwise I will open for 2-3 days each week over Xmas.

Week commencing 21st December 2020

Mon 21st - No appointments
Tue 22nd - No appointments
Wed 23rd - No appointments
Thu 24th - No appointments
Fri 25th - No appointments
Sat 26th - No appointments

Week commencing 28th December 2020

Mon 28th - No appointments
Tue 29th - No appointments
Wed 30th - No appointments
Thu 31st - No appointments
Fri 1st - No appointments
Sat 2nd - No appointments
Sun 3rd - No appointments

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