Home Visits - A cost effective option!

It makes sense to have a massage at home. It means you save time in travelling to a "local" therapist, at the same time saving money in travel expenses. No need to change to go out. Instead, watch TV or listen to music whilst having a massage in the comfort of your own home. Let me come to you.
Tony is offering Gym/Salon/Clinic quality & over 20 years experience.

What session length do I need?

EXAMPLES ONLY - All sessions are bespoke to your exact requirements.

30 minute session: Legs only or Back, neck & shoulders only.

40 minute session: Legs, Back neck & shoulders with focus on specific points.

60 minute session: All major muscle groups with focus on specific points.



Price for 30 minute session = Was £40, NOW £35
Price for 40 minute session = £45
Price for 60 minute session = WAS £60, NOW £55

Prices are "per person" for towns listed, with 3 session lengths. Minimum charge & cancellation charge for less than 48 hours notice = £30 per person.


DISCOUNT for regular booking dependant on frequency. Contact Tony

Discounts are not applicable to "additional charges" below. Discounts will resume when Covid restrictions are lifted.

Prices after discounts are rounded UP to nearest £1 per session.

Times listed are time on the couch except on the 1st session when I may spend up to 10 minutes taking details to ensure there are no contraindications to massage and to find out your exact requirements. I will plan to arrive up to 5 minutes prior to the appointment time in order to set up etc. Any added time not included in options above will be charged at £1 per minute less applicable discounts.


Any parking charges incurred will be added to the cost of the massage after discounts deducted.
For sessions at business premises, hotels or other non-home appointments, an additional £5 is charged per visit. Out of normal hours, Weekend and bank holiday sessions attract an additional £5 for single slots and £10 for double sessions.
Written receipts are free of charge if requested. Reports or written confirmation of my personal analysis of muscular system for insurance purposes etc are charged at £75 per submission to cover time and admisistration. These reports will be a snapshot of the palpable condition of the muscular system at the time of the report and are a personal analysis only. These must be pre-approved and requested in writing by the relevant insurance company prior to the physical assessment.

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